The Final Super Bowl

On 10/08/23, I dreamt I was talking to 49er's quarterback Brock Purdy on the phone. I was telling him WW3 is coming and one of the signs of it, is when the 49ers win the super bowl. It will be a sign of the end of the US (as we know her) because the # 49 stands for fullness, and completion (7×7). It was to be in the final super bowl that the 49ers would win it.

Upon hearing this, Brock Purdy said "Oh Wow!" over the phone. EOD

With the WW3 signs linked at, showing 2025 to be when WW3 starts, could the 49ers win it all in 2024 or in 2025, or both?

Setting the Precedents

At, in confirmation #5, it shows how God had by incredible signs, given us the Tim Tebow John 3:16 game with miraculous 316 stats and the many 2028 signs in the Patriots/Falcons Super Bowl for his coming then. God is giving signs in some of the most watched sporting events. 

Also, other prophetic dreams of mine have come to pass, like the 2020 economic covid crash exact day prophecy, 2 years before it happened and in 2016 vision of Trump being ripped from the presidency, which sets a precedent, that this 49ers Final Super Bowl dream also, will come to pass, in 2024 & or 2025?

Let us keep a prophetic look out for that 49ers team and see if they get to this year's Super Bowl. Right now, they look to be the team of destiny, to win it all. They're looking unstoppable! 

WW3 is Revelation 18, the fall of modern day Babylon and the incredible God backed testimony of it is the strongest witness in all the modern  prophetic history of the church, which today's church has despised and ignored in their cavalier pride of thinking they know end time prophecy.

God bless you as you prepare for this final test and tribulation before the coming of Christ shown with many evidences at, for 2028.

In Christ, Weather,


Father Yah, I pray you would prepare your people for the WW3 tribulation coming. I pray you would awaken them to store food, medicine and other essentials needed to alleviate the sufferings to come, to share the gospel and love of God to those in desperate need. I pray you would wake your people up and lead them out of the false teachers of pre tribulation rapture doctrine who have no prophetic anointing, but are just conjuring scripture. When WW3 comes between Russia, China and the US, Father help them to see this true witness of end time prophecy. Help them to endure to the 6000th year, when you are coming for your bride, your people, who live holy in expectation of your coming soon after these troubles to come. AMEN!

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